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Preserving, Protecting, and Planning for the


The Conservancy is Proud to Announce
that 2022 marks the tenth year of our Mission:
Preserve the Past, 
Protect the Present, and  
Plan for the Future of High Falls. 

10th ANNIVERSARY LOGO BEST 2X2 _edited.jpg

The High Falls Conservancy is grateful for the support of the people, the businesses, restaurants, and  all organizations who have so generously given of their time, resources, and talents for the good of our beloved hamlet. Our overriding philosophy is to "do good for High Falls" 

2022 promises to be an interesting year. If you would like to join us in our project initiatives this year, please click on the "GET INVOLVED " section of this website.  There you will find a list of ways to become involved, or to contact us for further details of the Conservancy's work. 

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