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The Conservancy has been working over the past seven years on many projects designed for the benefit of High Falls. 

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  1. Plan for Sidewalk Installation  

  2. Parking – Expansion and Management

  3. Lampposts on Main Street



  1. Creek Walk: this is the result of the Conservancy’s work with the NYS DOT for transfer of its Right of Way  near the Rondout Creek. in Central Hudson property around the falls to extend the O&W Rail Trail down along the Rondout, and u p to Hgh Falls, with connection to the 5 Locks Walk.

  2. Central Park of High Falls

  3. Installation of Sculpture Park

  4. Design of Pocket Park as entrance to High Falls Main Street

  5. Installation of Banner Brackets on lampposts/utility poles

  6. Consistent Directional Signage hamlet-wide



  1. Radar activated speed limit signs

  2. Painted crosswalk at mid-town

  3. Decorative Lampposts in Creek Walk

  4. Safety warning signs to swimmers

  5. Pollution level signs to swimmers

  6. Trash collection management


The Conservancy has been awarded the Adopt-A-Highway designation for the entire one mile length of Main Street, High Falls.  We will be sponsoring Clean-up days to keep our Main Street tidy and clean. We are taking this “assignment” as an opportunity to make several longer term adjustments to the appearance of our Main Street “thoroughfare” as it runs through High Falls.


- The Conservancy has submitted plans to replace the damaged benches across from the Post Office.  The benches will be high impact recycled plastic lumber that will not deteriorate. End arms will be heavy duty iron. These benches are designed to last a lifetime!


- In addition to the benches, the Conservancy will be recommending bicycle racks to be installed at selected locations near Main Street in High Falls.

- The Conservancy is also working with the Town of Marbletown to install banner and flag holders, for both “Welcome to the Registered Historic District of High Falls” and the United States flag to be hung at various locations on Main Street.


Part of our Mission Statement is to “Preserve the Past.”  We have undertaken to provide the Marbletown Historic Preservation Commission with historical records of the Norton Cement Works. These records will form the basis of an application to have this important historic building recognized as a Registered Historic Landmark.


Our High Falls Bridge was completed and opened on schedule, thanks to expert planning and execution of the project under the sponsorship of the NYS DOT, and the Engineering Firms of Harrison Burrowes, and The Wesson Group.  Conservancy requests for a wider sidewalk that would serve the planned Creek Walk loop for extension of the O&W Marbletown Rail Trail, conduit for future installation of street lamps, and extension of the sidewalk for the Creek Walk to Central Hudson property. With the cooperation of the DOT indigenous plants were installed at the Conservancy’s request. They include: (16 Red Twig Dogwoods, 6 Winterberry, 3 Dwarf River Birch Trees, 15 Nine Bark Shrubs, and 18 fragrant low growing Sumac. These are consistent with the Rondout Valley environment, and are expected to be hearty and long lived.  


Central Hudson has completed the resurfacing of the Patio, and will be installing the new benches and chess table (depending on weather, before winter, but if not, in Spring, 2019.) We have placed “Carry Out What You Carried In” signs in English and Spanish; these will be set up again on the Creek Walk and access paths leading to the Creek in time for the summer. We will monitor the effectiveness of these for use in educating those who like to make use of the Rondout for recreation. 


In collaboration with Central Hudson, The NYS Dept of Transportation, the Town of Marbletown, the O&W Rail Trail Committee, and High Falls property owners, The High Falls Conservancy is working  to extend the O&W Marbletown Rail Trail to and through our hamlet, to connect to the D&H 5 Locks Walk, and then loop back to rejoin the O&W Rail Trail.  We have made steady progress with all parties involved with this project since starting on this in 2014.

​We now have received authorization for the Town of Marbletown to use the DOT Right of Way for the Creek Walk, and are working with the Town and DOT on improvements to that section covered by the DOT Right of Way.

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