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The High Falls Conservancy is a not-for-profit New York State corporation, whose sole purpose is to benefit the hamlet of High Falls. Our interest stems from a desire to enhance the natural beauty and heritage of our hamlet. We wish to promote its businesses, and to supplement and support the work of other organizations, within High Falls. The Conservancy has received a 501-(c)-3 designation by the Internal Revenue Service.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve the past, to protect the present, and to plan for the future of High Falls. We will strive to achieve this mission through projects for the common good of our hamlet, while providing a context for improved communications and common purpose for the residents and friends of High Falls.



In 2012, one High Falls resident contacted Central Hudson to see if High Falls and Central Hudson could work together to improve the view of the falls and make the park land and falls more accessible to the community. Eventually a group of business owners, restaurant owners, and residents of High Falls came together to discuss the project, and how it might be expanded. That group identified other projects for High Falls, and thus the High Falls Conservancy was officially formed. Now the Conservancy wishes to include all residents and friends of High Falls in its efforts to “preserve the past,” “protect the present,” and “plan for the future” of our hamlet. 

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