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NYS DOT Transfers Land to Marbletown for the Creek Walk on August 1st

In 2014, the Conservancy identified an abandoned Department Of Transportation (DOT) Right of Way in High Falls and initiated discussions with the NYS DOT for a possible transfer of this land to the Town of Marbletown. We were told “That could take five years” and our response was, “Then let’s get started.”

Over the past five years our objective has been to convert this land to use as a pathway linking the O&W Rail Trail to the center of High Falls, D&H Museum’s historic 5 Locks Walk. After many site visits with DOT and Marbletown, meetings, phone calls, letters, map analysis, and review by DOT departments, on August 1, 2019, the NYS of Transportation headquarters transferred title to this land to the Town of Marbletown, for use as a pathway. Marbletown Town Supervisor Rich Parete, and Marbletown Town Counsel Tracey Kellogg were present to execute the transfer of Title and accept the Deed. The acquisition of this land for use as a pathway could not have taken place without much goodwill among the team that included the Conservancy, the Town of Marbletown, and the NYS Department of Transportation. We now look forward to developing this land for the benefit of the Residents and Visitors of High Falls.

There are still several important steps taking place now, that will enhance this land even further. More on that in our next DISPATCH! Today, it is a beautiful walk down by the Rondout Creek, and we hope you will all give it a try as we continue our work to develop its beauty and use.

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