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At the January meeting of the High Falls Planning Group, we presented the Conservancy’s concept drawing of the “Loop” that will connect the O&W Rail Trail to High Falls and the 5 Locks Walk. We explained that the Conservancy has been working on this project over the past five years.

The two main components of the trail are: an abandoned NYS DOT Right of Way, that runs along the Rondout; and the land known as Grady Park. The Conservancy arranged the transfer of the DOT land to Marbletown, and assisted in the negotiation of the leasehold of Grady Park to Marbletown.

The project is now in the Design Phase, under the leadership of Rich Parete and Eric Stewart, Town and Planning Boards, with input from the Conservancy. There will be presentations to provide opportunities for community residents and organizations to ask questions and add comments on the plan for the High Falls Loop.

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