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ALL TOWN MEETING:  The Conservancy sponsored an All Town meeting on February 10 at the High Falls Firehouse to kick off  High Falls’ 350th Anniversary Celebration. The meeting started with everyone enjoying an array of magnificent cakes donated by the High Falls Café, Kitchenette, and Spy.   Community members Elisa Scherrieble Rigmor Berntsen, and Carole Eppley also contributed their culinary skills to the “cake table”.  When everyone was settled in, there was a slide presentation of 150 pictures from High Falls 300th Anniversary celebration that took place in 1969. This was followed by  a Power Point presentation of ideas for this year’s celebration, and everyone was invited to fill out a questionnaire that asked several questions  what their own preferences and ideas for fun ways to celebrate this amazing milestone in our hamlet’s history.  The answers are shown below.  The Questionnaire also asked what they liked about High Falls.  The answers were unanimous “the people and the natural beauty”   The meeting was a grand success, and made for a wonderful  Sunday  afternoon of sharing .  With special thanks to the High Falls Fire Department for sharing their wonderful facility to host this event.  Let’s Celebrate!

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