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In the coming Spring, over 1800 daffodils will bloom on Main Street High Falls. The daffodils will not only trumpet the coming of spring, but will also honor those who have been remembered by a loved one. Christopher K. Bamba, Dale Bowman, Thomas Lee Bridges, Martha Brittell, Donna Christiana, Mary Collins, Betty and Dick Davenport, Bill and Tildy Davenport, Patricia Dorbandt, Roy and Judy Dugan, Katherine Elmendorf, Mark E. Ferrari, Genevieve Ann, Ariel Garcia, Martha Hayes, Frances J. Holman, The Elihu Hayes Family, High Falls Fire Department, Edward Klebba, Virginia Knapp, Martin Koehler, David Leong, Hazel Lievre, Marbletown EMS, Donald J. Marron, Jr., Dorothy Marsh, Dutch Moone, Scott Moone, Richard Murphy, John Novi, Dennis Nutley, George and Kay Oates, Suzanne Paterson, Christopher Pelaez, Alan Petrozak, Dian Petrozak, Dorothy Scherrieble, Alice Schoonmaker, Maurice Stackhouse, David S. Turner, Kent E. St. John, David Urso, Harriett Weber, and Zalea.

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