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On January 29, we submitted the final draft of our application for a grant to assist in upgrading the Creek Walk, its access, and features.   The deadline was January 31, and our Project Team had the excellent assistance and input from Carl Pezzino, Head of the Marbletown Rail Trails Committee. Carl’s insight and careful editing of the proposal were extremely helpful in getting the final proposal fine tuned to perfection, and submitted on time. In addition, Michelle Solcberg, Secretary to Mr. Rich Parete, Town Supervisor, assisted in production of maps, photographs, and text for the final manuscript, and its submission on the 29th . Also assisting were professional personnel from the firm Barton & Loguidice, who are consultants to the High Falls Master Plan project being sponsored by Supervisor Parete and the Marbletown Town Board.  Here is a copy of the High Falls Creekwalk map that we submitted with our proposal.

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