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Cooking Together - Six Feet Apart

Stories of High Falls - Special Edition - Annual Vol. VI. 2020

The Conservancy's Annual Book is a departure from the stories of High Falls. During this unusual time of COVID-19 isolation, we decided to focus on the entire community.

Cooking Together - Six Feet Apart is a compilation of recipes from individuals, restaurants, businesses, and some of the youngest cooks in our community. Each recipe is accompanied b y the story behind the recipe. Many of these recipes were cooked during COVID.

We received 80 recipes from cuisines all over the world and our own community. These recipes and their stories will bring you right to your neighbor's kitchen table.

Proceeds of the book sales were shared with the Rondout Valley Food Pantry.

DEDICATION OF THE COOKBOOK: This book is dedicated to the true heroes: those who serve as first responders and hospital personnel on the front line, caring for COVID-19 patients, essential workers, and to every person who has extended himself or herself in so many acts of kindness both known and unknown, whether through flowers, phone calls, contributions, meals, food deliveries, and countless other deeds. Your generosity and self sacrifice have added to the fabric of our community and its history. We are grateful. As we go forward, our community will remember and grow because of you.

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